“Progress lies not in enhancing what is,

But in advancing towards what will be”

I am proud to see the KVAFS Yelahanka setting out on its journey of further progress into future.

The road map is clear and priorities are set. The Vidyalaya will be equipped with high-tech infrastructure in the coming two years to develop the 21st century teaching learning skills. The right mixture from the treasure of variant methods of teaching will aim at bridging the gap between the wisdom of tradition and brilliance of technology. Constant training imparted to teachers of KVS will ensure the expertise of the teachers to be well versed with technology aided teaching.

    I am happy that there is constant effort from the Vidyalaya team determined to achieve our goals.

“Joy of success is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”.

Together let us scale a journey of success.




 Y G Patil