Science Technology and Innovation For A Clean, Green And Healthy Nation.

Student Name


Guide Teacher

Name of the Project

Aim of the Project

1. Alibhia Chatterjee

2. Sakshi Singh


Mrs. Jaya P Rajapan

Automatic Irrigation System

To Develop an automatic irrigation system which switch the human motor on and off on sensing the moisture content of the soil

1.Sonali Rathore

2. Renuka



Mr. Gurumoorthy

Mrs. Satya Sundari

Organic Waste to Manure

To increase the quantity and quality rate of trees in our country and to depose the organic waste

1.Prashanth Kumar

2.Prince Kumar


Mrs. Geethanchali

Uses and Benefits of Drumstick Leaves

To know how Drumstick leaves can be used for treatment and healing

1.Aditi Saxena

2.Anamika G H


Mr. R K Pillai

Millets and its Nutritional Value

Study the use of Millets and check its nutritional value